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  1. Is there any way to trim the bikini cover?


    And one of the co-witness ability. I have to say... getting this photo was a real PITA. I bet I took 20 photos before I got this one.


    One thing about this mount that is worth mentioning: The Tango Down rubber cover I had for the Aimpoint T-1 does not work with this mount. Neither does the factory "bikini" type cover. The bikini cover will go on, but will not seat over the lenses as it should due to the very tight space between the mount and the bottom of the lens housings.






  2. Glad to hear the QD sockets are holding up thru just the plastic body.


    Yep, not a problem. Plastic is evidently stronger than expected. Not even any movement like you'd see when trying to wrench plastic.

  3. Yeesh... if you have to gear up that much, time to move out of the neighborhood... lol...


    Each to their own, I always say. My night stand has a Blackhawk pistol belt ready to be buckled on, and a M4 leaning next to my bed ready to be slung. Takes less the 3 seconds to be ready to go, time permitting from my dogs and alarm system. Having a sling allows me to transition to a handgun when necessary without separation from the primary weapon.
  4. Finally, the Mesa Side Saddle... and Trulock Breaching Choke... and a custom faux extension tube. I hated that fooking raygun type tube. . Just didn't make the shotty... Can't see in pics, but a Ben Tritium sight setup


    All this makes my M4 a great tool free shotty..



  5. Said the same thing, by time I put 2 rifles in it with all the gear, you are talking about something you hope you didn't have to carry. Mine has wheels and a handle, but it still is a back breaker... For traveling distance, transporting, etc.. definitely worth it. But typical rifle bags are just fine... try cramming all that in and not break your back, lol... Obviously, Pelican above, dual range bag below.




    FYI ... the Pelican is big and heavy. Took it to the range once and that was it, bought the 42" 5.11 after that experience.
  6. I have the Pelican with just the foam inside. Unob asks a good question. Because the Pelican is a heavy mofo in itself. I don't use it just to go to the range. More for long distance. I think about 25lbs if I recollect. So if traveling, yes. It has wheels, yada yada and it's the best. But to traverse just to the range. Look around for Blackhawk 42inch bags. They can be had at a decent price and work fine.




  7. Refer to my post #15 or the other fellow's that posted a video. It literally took less than 10 mins and that's with me being careful. Why go crazy over getting another part that might do same thing. Mine is working fine now. For what it's worth, FFT is slow and sometimes cocky. Just do your own mod and be done with it.

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