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  1. bhunted

    Midwest Industries Aimpoint T1/T2 Mount for M4

    Is there any way to trim the bikini cover?
  2. bhunted

    Cerakote color code

    AI Dark Earth Cerakote http://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com/news/article/the-new-benelli-m4-cerakote-tactical-shotgun-is-rugged-and-ready-for-action/
  3. bhunted

    QD Pushbutton Adapter

    Yep, not a problem. Plastic is evidently stronger than expected. Not even any movement like you'd see when trying to wrench plastic.
  4. bhunted

    QD Pushbutton Adapter

    You can go easily with studs like I did and keep the orig plate. I did studs on both sides...
  5. bhunted

    Problem with glare using AVA tactical mount

    If you could find a scope shorud the right diameter, that might be neat as well. Just a thought.
  6. bhunted

    Which snap ring plier to use ?

    Whatever you do, don't buy cheap garbage ones. I had one set that the tip broke off without any effort. You get what you pay for. I figured, how often would I use them. That was my first mistake.
  7. bhunted

    What runs your Benelli?

    PAM with Lemon.... Nothing sticks...
  8. bhunted

    Ava tactical mount but what light?????!!!!!

    There is a thread here with tons of recomendations for that mount and light as well as photos...
  9. bhunted

    No Deltapoint 2 For Me

    Here is a 2 they have now though... I wouldn't buy that with that moa for that price. Better off with a micro. http://www.amazon.com/Leupold-DeltaPoint-Matte-Mounts-119688/dp/B00NWIYAD0
  10. bhunted

    No Deltapoint 2 For Me

    Not sure why you are stuck on one of theirs. Why not just put one of Aimpoint's Micros on it?
  11. Yeesh... if you have to gear up that much, time to move out of the neighborhood... lol...
  12. Yep, I believe it works... But even if not, you can put a sling adapter on the mini rail I'd suppose. You can't beat the AVA mount no matter, no how.
  13. Finally, the Mesa Side Saddle... and Trulock Breaching Choke... and a custom faux extension tube. I hated that fooking raygun type tube. . Just didn't make the shotty... Can't see in pics, but a Ben Tritium sight setup All this makes my M4 a great tool free shotty.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2738[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2739[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2740[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2741[/ATTACH]
  14. Also, not knowing what stock you have, the AVA gives you a QD with it. But an M4 that has a field stock, you are left with no QD on it. So I installed 2 QD studs to the field stock. Now I have a way to mount my slings without much effort. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2736[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2737[/ATTACH]
  15. I too have a BLAM looking right at me on my desk that I removed for an AVA mount. My main mission was to keep my M4 maint tool free. AVA continues to do that. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2735[/ATTACH]