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  1. Looks great, how do you like your SBS, an M4 SBS is on my bucket list. What stock do you have on your SBS?
  2. What a great thread, I finally finished reading it all. Do you have pics of your light setup? I'm wanting to get to an M4, had one sold it, but I'm curious about the collapsible stock compared to the straight stock. Big difference?
  3. I just bought a factory Benelli M4 collapsible stock off Gunbroker, NIB for under $300 shipped. I just got my M4 and its a work in progress and have been wanting one of these for sometime. The Company I bought it from has several on GB.
  4. Any ideas on the lead time for carrier comp M4 tube orders? I sent them an email but no answer, thanks.
  5. awmp


    My Federal tactical slugs are very difficult to get in and out. My plastic orange dummy rounds took a gunsmith hammer to get out, I got two in and it took a couple of minutes to get them out. I'm going to try some of my other rounds, buckshot etc. Going to a shotgun course and not being able to easily get the rounds in and out of the side saddle for a two day course is not going to be fun.
  6. awmp


    I got the 8 round short rail for my M4 and I'm having a hard time getting the shells in and out, is there a break in period or am I doing something wrong?
  7. What made it superior? I'm wanting to put my streamlight trl hl on it, possible?
  8. I have a new Benelli M4 inbound, had one a few years ago and sold it, you know one of those sales that you did good on but regretted later. So it will be here next week. Already have a new titanium tube on the way and several other additions but trying to find the best way to put a light on it. Do not really want the surefire forearm, would like to find a good way to mount my streamlight TRL 1 HL (same light as duty weapon), any good clamps out there with a rail on it? How have you setup your Benelli M4 (pictures?)
  9. awmp


    I just ordered an 8 rounder and looking forward to trying it. My mesa tacticals I have work, but depends on the WX (hot or cold) and some areas of the mesa allow the shells in easily others take work.
  10. awmp


    Curious if anyone has some pics of the 8 or 6 mounted on their M4? Any issues? How does it compare to Mesa Tactical?
  11. Was about to order a Mesa Tactical Side Saddle for an M4 I hope to have in my future and the single review on Brownells says it causes the M4 to jam? True?
  12. awmp

    Wanting to buy an M4

  13. awmp

    Wanting to buy an M4

    I can order the field stock but I have seen several auctions with the field stock on the M4 from the factory, I'm just not wanting to pay the Gunbroker prices just yet.
  14. I have been looking for a Benelli M4 with the straight stock for a decent price, GB has been one place others?
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