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  1. Well I ordered a Comfortech gel extra high comb and it fits perfect. No matter how I bring the gun to my shoulder I'm looking straight down the scope. Huge improvement. It irritates me that benelli sells the rifle without open sights but only installs the open sight comb pad when it says on it's one website the extra high is for scoped rifles. still don't know which butt pad will fit.
  2. I have a Benelli R1 with a synthetic ComforTech stock and I need a longer LOP and raised comb. Will the Gel and Plus pads work? will any comfortech pad work(shotgun or R1)?
  3. I can't tell you an ammo that shoots the best unfortunately. But, I noticed with my hand loads regardless of powder charge on my 30-06 they shot a lot better than factory Remington Core-Locs. however they all grouped in a different spot. I think that the improved patterning was a result of more consistent powder charge. if the pattern moved significantly with each .2 grains, a small difference in powder charge between rounds would cause a larger pattern...at least that's what I think. I would try to determine what the most consistent load is and run with it. good luck on your hunt! BTW the
  4. hi guys, My R1 came in today and I'm going to start loading some ammo for it. it's a 30/06. what is the max OAL that will fit in the magazines? 10rd and 4rd the same? What bullet weight shoots the best? does fire-formed brass cycle well? powder type/charge? I have 4350 and 168gr & 175gr sierra matchking's already. I can get just about any sierra's for cheap. suggestions, on where to start? BTW I won't have the gun in my hands for another 4 weeks.
  5. I have been Watchin out for one for 999 and I have seen several other calibers but none in 30-06 syn. The one I found I bought... But I spent a month looking before I ordered and after the first 90 days I checked frequently. I only wanted a 30-06 syn. But now I got one so I'm happy, I just wish it was coming from benelli. Oh well.
  6. planetcat, I guess I should have posted up here earlier...not even an hour after posting I found a NIB syn R1 30-06 for the sale price I paid. I'm considering leaving my order with benelli to possibly do what others have been doing online for 2013, selling used 30-06 r1s for 1200-1500... I am atleast going to leave my order until I receive the other one. So I don't get burned on a bad deal.
  7. looking for some input. I ordered a black syn 30-06 R1 on January 31st 2013. I was told by several venders that contacted benelli it would take 60-90 days. So I decided to place an order. After the 90 days I was told an additional 30-60. It has now been 160 days and the vender was told by benelli that benelli will not give any "real" ETAs. I like the R1 and I realize it didn't sell well. So I'm starting to think if benelli could miss a projection by 250% that it has been discontinued and they are not producing any rifles. Any thoughts?
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