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  1. I live in Johnstown, about 1.5 hours East of Pittsburgh! STILL have not got to shoot, due to this damn weather.
  2. I hope someday that I get to see what shooting a semi-auto shotgun is like. My gun experience is limited to a one time shooting of a .40 S&W handgun, a semi-auto assault rifle, a .243 hunting rifle, and my friends Mossberg.
  3. Thanks! Where abouts are ya from, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. I was considering an 870 at first as well, but I couldn't agree with where they put the slide release. Bud with the 500 started with the cheapo field model and now it's completely different. I'm happy I went with the Nova though. Hopefully it performs well for me, which I don't doubt it will!
  5. Thank you! The guy at the counter in Gander Mountain was trying to steer me away from the Nova because, as he claimed, someone returned a brand new one because it completely locked up. However, the guy was also a major tool so I ignored him. Sadly I haven't even got to shoot it yet, too much snow to get back to the ranges!
  6. As the title says, just saying hello. My name is Matt. I'm 20 years old and I live in Pennsylvania. I've been wanting a gun for awhile now and was going to save for a pistol for when I turned 21, but decided to go with a shotgun. The choice came down between a Mossberg 500 (friend owns one and loves it) and the Benelli Nova. I ended up going with the Nova. Anyways, I look forward to owning a great shotgun! Have a nice day y'all! [ATTACH=CONFIG]1915[/ATTACH]
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