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  1. Yeah this is my first.....cant wait to bust a big gobbler with it. I've had and shot plenty of other shotguns but i hear theres something special about the benelli's. Gonna get it out this weekend and do a lil patterning with it...i'll let you know how it goes. I'm gonna try a carlson's xxfull and some rem nitro mags #4 and #6....i'll let you know how it goes
  2. Worm1234

    New Supernova

    Just curious on some good choke/turkey load combo's for my new benelli supernova? This is my first one so i'm now sure what loads to shoot or what choke would be good for turkey hunting
  3. Hey guys! Just bought my first Benelli, I bought a Benelli Supernova. Getting about time to do some turkey hunting southeast missouri style. Was wondering if i could get a lil info on here to save me some time and money before i hit the woods. Just wondering what combinations of turkey loads and chokes works best w/ the supernova? Been told the benelli xtra xtra full and rem nitro mad 3.5'' #6 works good?????
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