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  1. I'm looking for a picatinny rail section that came stock with my R1. I'm also looking for an "extra high" combing, a couple 300 win mag magazines, and an extra 300 win mag barrel and possibly an extra black forearm. Does anyone know where to buy used parts?
  2. Has anyone thought of mounting a short picatinny rail to the end of the forearm stock to allow you to mount a removable AR style bipod? I'm wondering if there's enough room inside there to allow you to through bolt the rail, and how long a rail/how spaced the holes should be to handle the shock of a 300 win mag without cracking the forearm. My only other thought is to buy another forearm (possibly the wood one) and permanently mount the bipod to that one so that I'm not forced to always have it on the gun. Thanks!
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