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  1. Where and with what? I thought I read somewhere that not all the barrels are marked and you have to ho by the year the gun was made? I could be wrong but figured I would ask.
  2. Maybe a dumb question but I have a SBE I with a rifled barrel. Do they have an ER Shaw barrel or is there a way to find out if it is?
  3. Tipped slugs or hollow points?
  4. Is that a 3" slug or 2 3/4?
  5. I read somewhere on here the Federal Barnes slugs are the best performing ammo in these guns?
  6. What about farther then 120 yards? How do they hold up?
  7. I'm sorry, I forgot to mention it has a rifled barrel.
  8. Hi. I'm new to the forum. Last year I purchased a very well kept Super Black Eagle I. Along with the gun came with about a dozen boxes of shells. Last year i only had a chance to get it close to on at 50 yards. This year I tried backing to 100 yards and it was all over the place. The shells I have are 2 3/4 Winchester supreme elites. My scope is a Nikon Slughunter 200. I want to know is the most accurate sabbot round for my gun at about 150-200 yards with this firearm. In western NY rifles are not legal to hunt with, so I have to make the best of it with a slug gun.
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