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  1. Do these things cycle out of an M4? They're really rare and discontinued, which is a damn shame, and its hard to find any info on them. I assume they don't cycle but will seat and fire like normal. I got my hands on 2 boxes and I'm going to sell them so I need as much info as possible. Anyone have any experience with these scary little things?
  2. nice looking m4 with more np3 coverage. been up for sale for about 5 days. someone bid 2500 on it. only 8 hours left. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=440947488
  3. shicack

    benelli m4 h2O

    theres an H2O on gunbroker right now. im not sure its legit tho. theres no extended mag tube and no telescoping stock. its at $2500 last time i checked
  4. shicack

    benelli m4 h2O

    Thanks for all the replies. I got a bunch of camping trips coming up in the next several weeks.After that I'm gonna throw one on an auction site and see how much I can get. I'll let you guys know what I decide to do for sure.
  5. shicack

    benelli m4 h2O

    I managed to get 2 of these guys before they were nixed. I was thinking about selling the spare. Anyone have any idea how much they sell for? Think I should just keep it for the sake of dual wielding?
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