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  1. I run the Benelli M4 pistol grip stock on a Versa Max and incredibly cannot find a sling that fits both ends. The front sling stud looks like this: The other side. I could use a quick-detach device but would rather use the existing stud. I don't need QD anything, will consider either 2 or 3 point. Cannot post a third pic but everyone knows what the rear looks like.
  2. I noticed that you can sometimes get a good deal, an M4 for $1600 or 1800 but with tons of accessories
  3. Going price for an M4, stock configuraton and in used condition with "a few hundred rounds through it"?
  4. supposedly the 8 pellet version has a tighter pattern than the 9 pellet.
  5. Found this video, have a question - should the pistons be lubricated? I left mine completely dry after cleaning. I hear reports that oiling the pistons will cause higher pressure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAK-22eo0-s
  6. I always wanted an M4 but it was sort of out of my price range so I ended up getting a VM. It's rather nice with the fixed M4 PG stock I installed and the Aimpoint. It's 100% reliable, soft-shooting, etc, it's all that and a bag of chips but the only problem is it's too long and front-heavy. The 22" barrel. Now I have a chance to upgrade to a M4. I've never test-driven an M4 so don't have an idea but imagine it can't be much different. It looks much more compact, not sure if I will pursue the telescopic stock, I like the fixed M4 stock as it is. But even with the fixed PG stock it
  7. I see why, the reload times go up. Kind of defeats the purpose, might as well carry it on the belt. Who sells the best velcro/shell card in one package?
  8. Point understood. I want something like this, the velcro on this M2: Skip to 8:37
  9. Too much weight forward. Too bulky. I like the weight to be at the stock end.
  10. Is there a quality (not Walmart grade) shell holder for the buttstock, that's 8 rounds in capacity? And fits M4 stock?
  11. Please post actual pictures instead of stock ones. That will cause less confusion.
  12. Tried the Federal Flite Control Wad ammo, LE132 and such, it shrinks your patterns in half, you get 7" patterns at 25 yards. Seems to extend the range to 40 yards, all 9 pellets stay on paper.
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