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  1. Hello all, After fifteen years of hunting with a 12G Browning BPS, my wife surprise me with a new 12G Montefeltro for Christmas. I am extremely excited to take it out this weekend but have a few questions. I have been reading everything I can find about this gun via Google, which lead me to this forum. 1) Some suggest field stripping and cleaning the "factory oil" off the gun. From what I can tell, this means running some rem oil through the barrel and receiver, perhaps removing the bolt and wiping it down. Is this a real thing, or just a wives-tail? 2) Ammunition. Since it's an inertia driven gun, many suggest running some hotter loads through it to start. I picked up a few boxes of: a) Winchester AA Lite Handicap Target: 7 1/2, 1oz, 1290 (3 1/4d) fps - Expensive b) Remington Game: 8, 1oz, 1290 (3 1/4d) fps - Cheap (dove on the front of the box) I've read stories about how the cheap stuff is going to shoot dirty and that many people only shoot the good stuff through their benellis. Are the loads I picked up hot enough to break the gun in? Should I be concerned about the cheap remington ammo and buy something else?
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