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  1. I'm beginning to see that Truckcop. For example, as I wrote, I have a Nova 20ga. I asked and Benelli provided the exit diameter for the different chokes (IC, M, F). I would have thought that any other choke manufacturer that made an IC choke for a Benelli 20ga Nova pump it would be the same exit diameter and constriction. Not so. They all are different. I measured Trulock against the Benelli chokes, and read the specs online for the Carlson's replacement. Strange to me, but I will accept it as "that's the way it is". Thanks for the tip. Saves me from a lot of confusion.
  2. Where can I find the exit diameter for the various stainless steel, flush chokes supplied with a Nova 20ga pump? IC, Modified, and Full. The Benelli Website doesn't list the stainless flush chokes for sale, and doesn't include any specs on the Matte finish ones that are offered. I'm relatively new to shotguns(I purchased a Nova 20ga) and really appreciate it for what it is. It seems like different manufacturers have different exit diameters for the same choke style (IC, Mod, Full). I would have thought all ICs... would be exactly the same when it comes to exit diameter and the differences would be material, polish/finish, treatments... Any input into my choke education would be great. Thanks all Tony Rico
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