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  1. No one has any input what so ever? I have had 3 other people try and shoot this shotgun and it seems to be the same problem for them. They have been shooting shotguns for years.
  2. It seems after looking online that I am not the only one having these issues. I can not hit a thing with my SBE2. I have it shimmed differently from how it came stock and fit the gun by using the straw test. The straw lines up perfectly with my eye sight. However I take it out to shoot clay pigeons and I can not even clip them. Then I switch to my 870, and dust every single one. This is all with using a modified choke on both shotguns. Can anyone help me out? This was a ton of money spent on something I do not even want to take out. Ive shot about 300-400 shells out of it but can not land a hit.
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