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  1. By the way BLACK, the previous 2 shotguns were dirty but no where near as dirty as shotgun #3. I have brands like browning, mossberg, glock, and benelli and have never had such a dirty barrel due to testing. Usually when i get new gun the barrel is a little dirty and after one run thru with some bore cleaner and a bore snake it is perfectly shiny clean. This barrel is different, after running the snake thru over 20 times im still left with residue in the barrel that will not come out. Bottom line Stoeger doesn't seem to care about the quality of there products.
  2. Thanks hopefully shotgun #4 works and doesn't look like it was refurbished.
  3. So i bought a Stoeger M3500 Max 4 28 inch semi Shotgun on March 5th. First thing i did was take the gun apart and cleaned it. The gun did not have any cosmetic problems. I took it that weekend to test it out and shot #2 duck load to break it in. After 6 shots i noticed the pin on the bolt was destroyed. I posted pictures for everybody to see. The bolt was slamming the back of the receiver and destroyed the pin. I called Stoeger and they sent me a label. I sent the gun per instructions and about 2 weeks later i called Stoeger and they advised me that they will be replacing my shotgun with a brand new one. They told me that a couple of guns were shipped without the proper clearance in the receiver.(hmmm...maybe you should recall those guns!!!) I received the new gun a couple of days later. I took the gun out to clean like usual and i noticed couple of problems. When you ran your hand across the receiver the shotgun had dirt under the camo paint. This did not bother me that bad but what i discovered next did! I took the choke out of the barrel and shined a flashlight down the barrel. The indentions where the choke is was not centered. This is very hard to discribe so please look at the photos. The way this barrel was cut, it will shoot low and to the left. I called Stoeger and they advised me to send the gun in again. Sent the gun and they replaced it like before. Now i got my new shot gun and i have discovered more cosmetic problems. It's very hard to believe this 3rd gun is a brand new, this shot gun had so much gun residue in the barrel after running a bore snake thru with good solvent the residue still will not come out. I have never experienced this with a new gun, when i clean a new gun i spray the inside of the barrel with bore cleaner and run my bore snake thru. After a couple of runs thru the barrel the inside is spotless and shiny. After running the boresnake over 20 times i still cannot get blotches of residue off the inside of this barrel. This makes me think the gun is used not new. Also the gun has multiple chips and the paint is missing off of 2 of the bolts on top of the receiver where you can mount a scope. Also the freaking red dot is crooked.(WTF!!!) I called stoeger today and a lady told me it would be while before they can replace the gun if they decide to because they are completely out of m3500s!!! (WTF!!!#2) I asked for a supervisor and after talking with him for a little bit he says we do have them in stock!!! Wow, so now im about to send this gun in again. If you are thinking about buying a Stoeger just slap yourself because thats the quality of shotgun you will get!!! A big slap in the face!!! Stoeger is a complete joke to me at this point. They have great customer service but what does that matter if your guns are complete garbage. I made a huge mistake buying this gun!!!! Please do not make the same mistake!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! [ATTACH=CONFIG]2621[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2622[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2623[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2624[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2625[/ATTACH]
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