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  1. Yes, I reused the OEM spring. I guess, this squeaking is related to OEM springs only. I might give a shot for CC Wolf Spring and see if it makes a difference
  2. Hmmm, if there's nothing to do about it, then I guess I'll stop worrying about it.... still pretty annoying though
  3. Hello, I just recently upgraded the 5-mag tube to 7-round tube. The tube I've chosen is the factory Benelli OEM 7-round magazine tube. I reused the factory spring that came with the gun. I have cleaned and polished the inside of the tube the best I could and lubricated the string a little (I have read a post somewhere from StrangerDanger that it is not advised to lubricate the mag tube at all) however the spring squeaks quite a lot when loading shells into the tube. Now I don't remember if this was an issue with the original 5 mag tube however this is pretty annoying and sound cheap for $1500+ gun. Anyone experiencing the same ? If so, what's the remedy ? Thanks in advance! dwayned
  4. Hello all, Does anyone know how to remove the red plastic cap from OEM follower in order to put it onto domestic made ones, all without damaging it ? Many thanks in advance!
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