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  1. Thanks. Looks like it's sorta easilly fixed with a dremmel. But I think I'll request a refund.
  2. Hey folks. I bought the Freedom Fighter Tactical 1/2" charging handle for my M4. I found that it doesn't lock into the bolt as does the factory part. After I noticed this, I searched and found at least a couple other cases of people who had the same issue... the handle being loose and/or falling out. When I contacted FFT, they kinda played it down, saying that it happens in only 1% or 2% of cases, and they can't possibly take into account slight manufacturing variations in all M4's. At any rate, they offered me either a replacement or a refund. I'm inclined to take the refund and wait for CarrierComp to produce their charging handle again. Before I do that, does anyone know if I can modify the FFT so it works as expected? Any vids or articles on this topic? Thanks.
  3. Results: Good to go. I inserted a 12 guage snap-cap shell into the receiver to hold the latch and spring captive against the inside of the receiver while I inserted the roll pin. I used the original roll pin as it seems a little smaller diameter and easier to guide through the holes. This worked very well. I also use a small piece of adhesive-backed felt on the underside of the pad based on suggestions here. Function checks OK using snap-caps. Will take it to the range this week to continue breaking in prior to taking 2-day class next weekend. Thanks again for your help.
  4. Hey guys. I'm having a problem installing the GG&G Bolt Release Pad on my M4. Yeah, I know... I should have paid a gunsmith to do it right, but I couldn’t afford one after paying $120 for the part. When I reassembled the M4, the new pad ended up resting flush on the side of the receiver. Either I put the spring in the wrong place in relation to the latch, or screwed up the roll pin that allows the latch to pivot. I.e., possibly didn’t capture the latch correctly. Is the spring supposed to wrap around the button that protrudes through the receiver, or positioned aft of the pivot point? Also, do you have to use the spring and roll pin that comes with the pad, or can you use the factory parts? I kinda chingered up the pin that comes with the pad. Thanks!
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