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  1. I did in fact read your post. You certainly have a valid complaint as a 5 month wait is unacceptable. I hope you have new matching wood on the way. Regards,
  2. Please allow me to start over, as my original post was not well written. i am new to this forum, but not to Benelli's. I purchased my first M1 Super 90 in 1996 when H&k was importing them. Since I have acquired 5 more. My most recent purchase was a Legacy 20ga. My concern is that the forearm on the legacy fits very tight compared to my other Benelli's. I talked to customer service about this and they said some are tight and others are not. They also said it would probaly be fine as it would literally give or expand to accommodate. They also gave me the option to return for inspection. I'
  3. I recently purchased a new Legacy 20ga. My concern is that the forend is noticeably tighter than on my other Benelli's. It literally snaps onto the barrel. It has beautiful wood and I'm reluctant to have it replaced. However, I'm concerned it could cause it to crack. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks
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