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  1. Purchased 500 Winchester low recoil slugs. Went to the range today, to shoot M4 for the first time. Shot about 40 high powered slugs and about 30 low recoil winchester as well as 20 normal recoil buck shuts. All been cycling well except Winchester "low recoil". Does that mean I have to shoot more high PSI rounds or am I screwed with the close to 500 soft recoil shells that I have left from Winchester?
  2. Wonder how thorough people go after each shooting day? Do you simply clean barrel and spray trigger system? Or do you take everything apart, including trigger system, ARGO, etc? If so, do you do it every time or once every few shooting days?
  3. Yep, I ordered AVA few days ago, but had my doubts. Ava should arrive today :-).
  4. Ok, M80 surefire is out of my head :-). Thank you for your inputs.
  5. So in the tube world it seems that Kip is ruling in the titanium tubes and Joe in the steel tubes. Both are top notch based on the user experience. Question, if you had a good deal on the brand new OEM Benelli 7 rounds tube ($135) what would you do (I picked on up from ebay, which I can return if needed)? How would you compare OEM to Kip and Joe's work? Also, how can you tell that it is OEM Benelli and not some knock off?
  6. Nobody here have SureFire M80 on their M4?
  7. Joe, how is your tube different from Dave's metalwork? No disrespect, just want to know the difference. Thank you.
  8. Do any of these solutions make installations easier? Without disassembly of the whole release button? Looks like I will be sending GG&G button back.
  9. Thinking of getting one. Couple of questions. 1. What QD do you use with it? 2. I could only find very old posts about this product and there were complaints that it fits badly, its wobles, the escaping gasses burn hands. I wonder if anyone have recently purchased M80 and if those issues have been resolved. 3. What light mount do you use with it
  10. Kip has a waiting list of 5-6 months. I can't wait that long :-).
  11. Ok, thank you guys. I will rub some oil on it tonight :-).
  12. Got one yesterday. Ordered it off of ebay. While it is much better comparing to the stock handle, I don't like the finish of it. Black started to rub off from the handle right away revealing shiny metal. Question, if you have ATS handle, did you have the same issue? How would you compare ATS handle to GG&G? Is one bigger then the other? Thank you.
  13. Anybody has a write up on how to install it? If you have it installed, how long ago you installed it? Does it leave marks on the gun? I've read some old posts that it does scratch surface of the gun after some use. I was wondering if GGG changed anything in their design to fix the scratching issue. I have the pad in my hands, but I am debating if I want to install it or not. It seems that installation is not really easy. I don't want to screw up my new gun with bad installation or make visible scratches from use in the near future. Thank you.
  14. Any of you ordered OEM tube? I ordered one off of ebay. It arrived few days ago in the shipping tube. The finish on the magazine is rather gray then black, it is definitely different color then the rest of the gun. It does not say anywhere on the tube that it is Benelli. Does this sounds to you all right? Is that the same thing you guys have with OEM 7 round magazine?
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