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  1. I suppose that I need to get this gun to a gun shop and have it checked over, I'm worried now and don't want it coming apart if I need it.
  2. The gun was brand new from the gun shop when I bought it, just a slip up at the factory I suppose, good for me as long as that was the only slip up.
  3. I thought about the QC on that gun as well and was concerned that maybe it was made on a Friday and all of that stuff, but the gun has been 100% for me and I have shot it a fair amount and with alot (mostly) light loads. The serial number is y060092c I bought it last fall, but it could have been sitting around for a while who knows.
  4. After 6 months of waiting my new mag tube for my m4 showed up from Carriercomp, I was excited and prepaired to do the work after 6 months of reading about the task and watching videos I was ready to go. I got my new heat gun and all of the tools I might need and imagine my surprise when the factory mag tube screwed off without any heat. It would seem that there was never any thread locker applied at the factory, the threads were clean and I simply threaded the new mag tube right in. Here I was ready and set for a big battle and nothing. Works great though.
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