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  1. What size is the threads on the top of the sbe 2 receiver? The 4 holes that mount a rail to it? One of the plastic caps fell out and want to thread a set screw in
  2. I picked up a Wolff 25 percent increase spring and through it in tonight. This spring was longer then the factory one I pulled out
  3. i have had my sbe 2 for 3 years and its nothing but trouble. i had a bad stove piping issue which just got worse and more frequent over the years, it became like 65 percent of the time i would fire it would stove pipe. So i shipped it to benelli and they cut the extractor deeper and put a new extractor in. I got it back the shotgun stopped stove piping and was double feeding all the time. Frustrated i sent it back to benelli again. So benelli said at the factory they could not get it to replicate the issue. I have 5 benellis and i have zero issues with any of them except this one. I spoke with managerment and he was very nice. He told me he would look himself and he called me back with in the hour. He said he felt the mag tube spring pressure was off and trimmed it. So now i recieved it back and the shotgun is working awesome. EXcept!! hahah, not the thing keeps benelli " Clicking" like alot. Do i ship it back?? I feel annoying but i spent a lot i want the thing to work. Or should i just put a wolf 25% recoil spring in hope it fixes the issue? and call it a day? thanks guys.
  4. My benelli super black eagle 2 constantly stove pipes. Like 5 out of 10 rounds. Extremely frustrated with it. People have told me o try different ammo. I shouldn’t have to it should cycle everything . You spend this much money of a shotgun I shouldn’t have to be so frustrated with the thing missing ducks. It probably has like 1000 rounds through it. My recoil spring is cleaned and always taken care of I always clean the gun. It’s not over lubed. My last resort is putting in a Wolff recoil 25 percent extra power this week. Which I feel I shouldn’t have to do either but frustrated. If still no good after this weekend I will be sending it to benelli
  5. All of my shims look identical to the Dx shim shown here other then the tapering to allow for drop. Could this have been affecting my shot?
  6. Yes the dx shim as well as the the other shims all have protrusions. Could this have been affecting my shot? Here is a pic of my dx shim All the other shims look identical except for the taping on the shim to allow for drop
  7. So I think I'm messed up putting my shim in last year after I cleaned the gun from the season. I pulled the stock off and there was a single dx shim between the receiver and the butt. I always remember i shot a c shim. Reading online I am reading that your suppose to stack the dx shim with either a,c,z. My dx shim doesn't allow me to stack it as it has nipples on both sides like my a c z. should there only be one shim in the middle on the sbe2? What did I do? what is the Dx shim for?
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