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  1. haha,,long ago,,still funny as ****
  2. digger

    Hello new here

    thnks,,,thought thered be a few wonderin the same deal
  3. digger


    Seems pretty dead here ,,I was hoping too find an answer too a simple question I have,,,i have a r1 30-06,,,has anyone ever had a 22 center fire barrel made for one?A 220 swift would be the option I guess,,,anyone ***th info or thoughts of who could help,,please don't be shy,,,thnks
  4. digger

    Hello new here

    Is this one of those quiet forums???Surely theres many with the knowledge too help me out???
  5. digger

    Hello new here

    I purchased a r1 argo carbine in 30-06 last fall,,and was so impressed,,sold my custom bolt guns,,my ???is ,,,has anyone had a 22 centerfire barrel made for an r1??,,since mine is an 06,,,shouldnt I be able to buy,,or have a 22o swift barrel made?thanks in advance
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