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  1. Ok, I took some picture with my ******. I do not know how to post them but I can send to another phone number or an email address. I think you will see it's as I stated.
  2. The gun is used. The barrel is some what flared right before the outside the barrel threads begin. It is definitely factory done. The rib and the front sight are where they're supposed to be etc. I would be happy to post pictures of it but I don't know how.
  3. Sorry to have been away from this. Yes sir, that's similar to what it is like. The barrel is flared out a little, then the threads start. Why would you need a brake like that and has anyone ever seen a Benelli shotgun that had a factory brake on it?
  4. I thought maybe it was made like that for a brake or a can???
  5. No. I only have the cap/choke that came on it. Vizualize a threaded cap not unlike you would use on a rifle that you took a muzzle brake off of. It is definitely factory made. The barrel is also a couple of inches shorter.
  6. Has anyone seen a Benelli with outside the barrel choke threads? Why is it this way instead of inside threads? I just bought a Raffaello with this type of barrel.
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