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  1. Ohbejuan, That would be some good info once you receive it from Surefire, I'm sure others have thought of it. Like I said in my last post, I might make an attempt to get and modify an ATI Raven forend just to try. Any mods I do I will post in a new thread once this Benelli build is complete. Thanks for your input.
  2. Sukhoi_fan, I'll take you up on that offer. Once I get off of work I'll pm you so we can work out the details, thanks. I saw the Promag forend however I couldn't for the life of me find it being sold alone cause I haven't no need for the stock. The M80 was not appealing to me simply because of the bulk of it all. However I had hoped the side rails could have been removed. Also I'd say its price was a deterrent. I was thinking of getting an ATI forend and modifying it since its in one piece. I may still get it when I see one on EBAY or somewhere else for decent price. Thanks gents for all the help and feedback, Sukhoi I'll be messaging you.
  3. Hi, I'm a new owner of a Benelli M4 & I have several questions regarding forends. (First thread) 1. Does anyone know if the picatinny rails on a Surefire M80 forend are removable? Or at least made a solid attempt in modifying it? 2. Has anyone tried modifying a forend, either a stock forend or one from Freedom Fighter Tactical with a picatinny rail? I'm well aware of all the forend options that are available however, not one seems to fit my needs. My goal is to have something fairly lightweight, ergonomic & have a bottom picatinny rail for mounting a vertical foregrip. Plus, it being made in the USA for 922r compliance, ( I know I have a few compliance parts already but the more the merrier). I realized that wasn't going to be possible without thinking outside the box, hence the questions. I've so far made due with a few modifications for my M4 (more details to come in a separate post on how I accomplished this after I've finished this project): I've added a recoil reducing stock, a larger charging handle, a larger bolt release, pistol grip with single point sling attachment & ordered a titanium Carrier Comp 7 round magazine tube and a follower. Also ordered a laser/light combo vertical foregrip. Thanks ahead of of time for any help/insight that you may extend, happy shooting!
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