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  1. I wasn't trying to say that your stock job was a poor quality. Sorry that it came off like that. All I was saying is that the M4 stock wasn't made for the Supernova and won't fit without some work being done.
  2. Maybe the difference between the wobbly stocks is that RoadDad has the c-stock that is actually made for the Supernova. I wonder if Chillidaugz has the M4 stock as well. I would be getting the correct c-stock, not jerry rigging the m4 one which isn't made for the Supernova.
  3. Ok, well I see that I've asked this in the wrong forum. I was hoping for an answer that was backed up by at least a small amount of reason besides, everything Benelli is superior just because it's Benelli. Thank you for the completely useless responses.
  4. There are plenty of good after market products made by companies other than the manufacturer. Is there a specific reason you suggest the collapsible stock?
  5. Hey everyone, I'm going to get either the Benelli made collapsible stock or the Urbino stock and wanted to know what people thought about each one. This is a target/home defense shotgun. The reason I am in the market for a new stock is because I have been cursed with short arms. I need to reduce the LOP from the comfortech stock that is on it now. I could shoot it with the comfortech, it's just not as comfortable as I'd like it to be. From my research, the pro to the collapsible stock are the 5 positions. The pro to the Urbino is the limbsaver and the cheek riser. Just not sure if with the limbsaver the Urbino is that much shorter than the comfortech. The collapsible is only slightly more expensive so I'm not factoring price into my comparison.
  6. [ATTACH]2857[/ATTACH] Brand new, never used Benelli Comfortech stock. This came directly off a recently purchased Benelli Supernova. $200 plus shipping
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