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  1. did you ever take the trigger group apart?
  2. thesparkens


    I shoot a Benelli SBE II from the costume shop and love it. I was out today shooting clay's and heard that I needed to shoot a high velocity load and used the Fiocchi's and had no problems at all. I got to shoot my friends ETHOS and went 10-10 with it hole **** is that a nice gun I can definitely see one of them for me. The ethos is a light, fast, soft shooter.
  3. I used one before I got the new SBEII, that and my 870. I had a sling on both and put one on the SBE also. Most upland hunters wont use one but i don't care what others think when I am in a place I can use a sling I do. I went eight shots seven birds with the new gun just a little better then with the Nova, or 870.
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