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  1. Hello, I have a M2 tactical. Has anyone put a scope on theirs? Does the front sight show up in your scope? Has anyone ever taken their front sight off? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the help. No the leading edge of the bent part doesn't clear the magazine tube completely. Yes the one side of the carrier that goes into the bolt groove is lining up and going in the groove. to me it looks like the leading edge of the carrier (the bent downward part) is bent a little to much. I've fill out the contact form (for TT) twice and haven't received a reply yet.
  3. Tried again, the bolt is fully forward and the locking head was completely rotated in-battery. The profile is different. There is no cut out, plus the last 3/16 of a inch on the TT carrier is bent downward (away from bolt) slightly (not quite 1/8 inch.
  4. Hello, Just installed the Benelli Accuguide Extended Carrier and now can't get shells to go into the magazine. If I pull the bolt back and let the carrier go higher than the shells go right in, but with the bolt forward all the way the carrier lip prevents shells from going into the magazine. Any help??
  5. Wesjr


    Thanks for the info Steve, the Benelli just works/loads different than the other shotguns I use. With them I just pull the bolt back till it locks open, drop a shell in the chamber, push bolt release which closes the bolt and than add shells to the magazine. It will just take getting use to a different method of loading.
  6. Wesjr


    I have a M2 tactical. If I pull the bolt open it doesn't lock open. If I let the bolt go forward a little then the lifter comes up and if I then pull the bolt back it will lock open, put then the bolt release will not release the bolt, I have to reach in and push the lifter down to get the bolt to close. Help
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