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  1. So I got a phone call from Cabelas today saying that they got my Benelli 828u back today. Was almost 4 weeks. Honestly was very pleasantly surprised. From what I had heard thought it was going to be more like 2-3months. They replaced the carbon fiber rib on the barrel which obviously looked brand new. The rest of the gun itself was still in brand new mint condition. Couldn't have been more pleased with the service that Benelli provided and with the facilitation of getting the gun to Benelli by Cabelas. Overall very happy with how the repair went. Pretty excited about getting out there and seeing how this bad boy does in the field -- will definitely have another post reviewing the 828u. Thanks for the replies guys!
  2. Thanks for the responses guys...its been about 3 weeks now. No word yet. Hopefully another couple of weeks. 4-5 wks sounds reasonable, was anticipating much longer. Hope you get your Ethos back in good condition -- what problem were you having? You sure its not the shells you are shooting. I know my SuperVinci cycles better with certain brands of shells.
  3. Has anyone had any experience with sending a gun back to Benelli for a repair/replacement? Sent in a 828u back to the factory about 2 weeks ago. Just wondering the timing of how long to expect to wait and how people's experiences were with the Benelli customer service. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi all....just picked up a brand new Benelli 828u with nickel finish in 28''. When I purchased the gun I inspected the gun thoroughly; however, the first time I took the gun out of the case to clean it -- the night before a pheasant hunt-- i noted a crack in the carbon fiber rib at what appeared to be one of the pin sites that was holding the carbon fiber rib in place. Honestly surprised at myself for not picking this up at the store -- spent over 30 minutes inspecting the gun, shouldering the gun etc. Couple of questions? Has anyone had a similar issues? I am kind of surprised at how weak the carbon fiber rib is...it looks like where the pin secured the ribbing may have been a weak point in the design of the rib. Also, I brought the gun back to the store that I bought it from and they shipped it out to Benelli to be repaired or replaced. Has anyone had any experience dealing with Benelli repair/replacement request? Looking to find out how their experience was and approximately how long it took. Thanks very much and have a great day!
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