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  1. "gunny"-- I appreciate your time and help. 1) I have checked the numbers and they match. 2) The "plastic fork part" IS there-- I see what you mean about rearward over travel if it was missing. If I choose to send it to a gunsmith do you recommend Benelli or do you know of a good smith that understands R1s and or the ARGO operating system? BTW I do also own a MR1 (223) and have hundreds of rounds thru it with no problem. I say this to say that I am confident that I am assembling the bolt and reassembling the firearm correctly. (which is not easy the first couple of times a person does it ) Thanks again -- Joel
  2. It is the "locking head retaining pin" (the one the firing pin goes completely thru) not the firing pin retaining pin with the o-ring. As far as the "short action block" I don't know. It has the one I received with it. I believe this is the factory one as I don't believe the gentleman i purchased it from changed anything.
  3. Hello all, I have a R1 chambered in 308. bought it used and the seller told me it had about 40 rounds thru it-- i kind of believe it based on the condition and that was why he said he was selling it-- never used it.--plus he had my money when he told me that so why lie. Anyway put about 100 rounds through it over 3-4 trips to the range and found the "locking head retaining pin" had broken upon cleaning it. (I do clean it every time I shot it). Anyway ordered another and installed-- on a hunting trip i found it had broken also !!! I estimate again about 150 rounds. I've ordered another AND a spare but changing this out every 100-200 rounds in crazy! Anyone else having this trouble? Solutions?? oh only shooting factory ammo-- NUMEROUS types as I was trying to find what it liked the most. for those more technically inclined, the break looks like a low cycle fatigue failure-- inception-- growth--- sudden failure area. thanks for your help-- Joel A.
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