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  1. Hey guys, looking for a longer barrel for a longer barrel for my benelli m2 good condition, some marks on finish but only about 200 rounds through it. Price:400+ shipping Also looking to sell/trade my comfortech stock/foreend for a wooden one. I would be willing to sell it out right for 300+shipping. Tara butler did a very nice stippling job on it but I just like the look of wood more. Price:300+shipping for stock 80+ shipping for fore end Buy with confidence, I have all positive feedback on my state gun trading website under the same username and would be happy to communi
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to replace my synthetic stock with a wooden one. I'm going to order the wood stock off midwest gun works. Will SBE stocks fit m2's? Thank you
  3. looking for a m2 barrel... prefer used Also looking for wood furniture, I have a comfortech stock for trade Located in Georgia.
  4. Huh sorry been off the site for a while. Looking to trade for a wood stock that will fit the m2. Will post pics tomorrow if you are interested
  5. Thanks I'll keep you in mind. Mostly looking for 18.5" barrel
  6. I have a 28" barrel and an extension tube that is a little longer than it that I would like to trade for an 18.5" barrel Taran butler upgraded the barrel also and it has fiber optic sight also have a comfortech stock and grip that Taran worked on for sale too make an offer. Look for wood stock/grip could consider trading. Located in CA Let me me know thanks
  7. any of you know a good place to buy a barrel? Or anyone on here have a barrel?
  8. I know the 28" has a bead but wh do I run with 18.5" barrel
  9. Nobody wants a 28" barrel? I'll sell it outright if you're interested
  10. Hey everyone I wanna trade my 28" barrel for your 18.5" or 21". I've only put about 800/900 shells through it. Taran tactical installed a fiber sight and did the slug barrel treatment to it. I also have a plus 8 extension that I can sell too Let me know if you're interested. I'm located in GA i can post pics if you are interested
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