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  1. Hi all, I am trying to figure out if the matchsaverz shell caddy would fit the M3 S90 but can't find any info online. Has anyone tried installing it on an m3 or know of a better option out there? Thanks in advance.
  2. I got my m3 back today with the BOR/RMR installed. Pretty happy with the finish product. Need to take it to the range and zero it next!
  3. You're correct ... I reprinted with the correct setting and it's a 1:1 scale. Sorry my bad! Thank you!
  4. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos before I dropped it off but for sure I'll post an after picture. I've already forwarded the template to the gunsmith. By the way, I assumed the printout was a one to one representation of the bor but that wasn't the case for me. However, the measurements on the template were dead on. Thank you!
  5. Looks great. Apparently my install will take a bit more work than yours. Need to have my m3 receiver tapped and drilled and also need to have the rear ghost ring guard cut and then re-coated. Otherwise, the bor would be sticking out from the end of the receiver. I'll post some pics once I have it back hopefully.
  6. Also, back-ordered at Botach. But it looks like it would cost exactly the same as the bundle if you were to buy it from them and get the rail separately.
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