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  1. I just got an SBE 1( new to me) and am trying to find a factory 11 oz mercury recoil reducer. Does anyone have one that they would part with? I just got a new to me SBE1, and I am looking for one of the discontinued 11 oz mercury recoil reducer.
  2. Well it finally happened, I sent my prized SBE in for a repair and I was advised that the receiver is about worn out. That is not surprising since I have hunted waterfowl about 70 times a season for 20 years with that gun. I have no complaints, the SBE is a GREAT shotgun. I have been looking everywhere on-line for a replacement with a 26" barrel. Can't find any that are suitable, HELP!
  3. I have an Benelli SBE that I bought new in 1997 and I have hunted with it for an average of 75 days each fall. I do regular maintenance on it; replacing the recoil and magazine spring every few years. What a gun, I average one jam a season.
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