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  1. hi, it is more complicated than i was thinking, here in Austria i can buy a lot of Shell holders on Amazon or ebay or in Shops wihtout Troubles, but no Asgard Defense. i am still hoping with your help we find a solution.
  2. I wrote with AsgardDefense , the reason for will not ship to Austria is Itar. So I am looking to buy it used from anybody or I will find a nice guy who buy it for me and will it ship to Austria. I read a lot of Itar and this should be no problem if I got it from someone private.
  3. Hi mike can u send me pictures from the sidesaddle and the shell holder? Please.
  4. Mod 3. The Rails are different.
  5. Asgard Defense does not ship to Austria
  6. Hi i am Andy from Austria, i am looking for a Sidearmor Sidesaddle Mod 3 and a 6 Shell Holder. In Austria it is impossible to get some like this so i try it here. Maybe Anyone can help me. Please .
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