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  1. My wife recently bought me a new sbe2. Right out the box I ( my son) began shooting the cheapest target loads (100 rounds for $17.99) I was unable to shoot the gun, due to shoulder surgery so my 12 year old son shot it. He shot 100 rounds without a single cycling issue. I patterned my sbe2 out of a lead sled ( shoulder surgery). I used a 22" circle at 25 and 50 yards. The load was Kent Faststeel 3" 1 1/8oz 4 shot 25 yards IC factory choke 130 pellets M choke 25 yards 192 pellets 50 yards IC 67 pellets 50 yards M 120 pellets in all I was very impressed with the patterns. I just wanted to give this information out there to save people time and money. The only down fall is trying buy this item can be a problem at times. If u purchase do it by the bulk. When I ask sportsman shop why they don't have any. They said "I can't keep it on the shelves". That's from the small shops right up to Dickssporting goods. One last thing my son patterned his Stoeger 3500 at same distance, 22 circle, chokes, shot and load and his numbers were very similar.
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