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  1. So I ordered a CarrierComp titanium tube in mid March and got it about 2 weeks ago so (about 2.5 months). After reading SD's instructions and watching a couple of videos, I bought a vise, Wagner $39 heat gun, and 243 loctite. I preheated the heat gun for few minutes on max, then applied the heat for about 2-3 minutes. That's all it took. I was wearing nitrile gloves to keep hands clean and extra grip. I was able to untwist the tube with one hand with minimal effort (I guess they didn't put much loctite on mine at the factory). I cleaned the receiver with a brass brush, put a little bit
  2. Several good suggestions here. I am most tempted to try The ShotLock AR Solot-Vault. I feel like none of them may have a perfect fit, but I can probably modify the ShotLock if necessary to either improve the fit or make sure it can't be pulled out unless open. If I get it, I'll let you know how it went.
  3. I think I fixed it (so nothing to photograph), but originally, it kind of looked like this pic. Maybe even a bit worse I sanded down the tops of both hand guards a tiny bit and when I reinstalled them, I put the stock on the floor and pushed the barrel down with one hand while tightening the mag tube nut (I hope it's ok to do. I don't think I put that much pressure on it). Now there seems to be no gap. Before, when I used the "push and tighten" method, I still had a small gap (big enough to put a business card through). Now it seems to be gone. I guess I could sand it down more s
  4. I'll try that. My wife will be like: "Is that a shotgun or you just happy to see me..."
  5. So I am looking for a way to secure the M4 in my bedroom closer in a way that provides quick access while being reasonably secure. I have a GunValult for my Glock in the kitchen and it works great, but I don't think they make anything for shotguns. I considered Shotlock, but it doesn't look like it will fit. Just wondering if anyone here uses a quick access lock/safe with electronic or mechanical combination lock. Electronic would be preferable.
  6. SD mentioned this to me, but honestly, I wasn't sure what he meant at the time Well, now I know. I took my M4 to the range for the first time and shot 100 rounds. Before I went, I took it apart, cleaned it and installed the FFT handguards. It was all new to me so I didn't even pay attention to the barrel fit (maybe it was perfect, maybe it wasn't). When I cleaned it after the range session, I noticed that the FFT handguards do not allow me to push the barrel all the way in. No gap with OEM parts, but a 1/16? of an inch with FFT. I got a bit concerned. After taking them on and off a
  7. Thanks for the tips. I actually looked at the Scalarworks today. People were talking about their RMR mount, but I noticed that Aimpoint model is available as well. Even better, I could just get their T2 + mount combo and save a few bucks: https://scalarworks.com/shop/optic-bundles/sync-aimpoint-micro-t2-bundle/. I thought a mil spec rail would be more versatile, but I can't picture wanting anything other than an aim point on my M4 Looks like AVA makes turn key solutions: AVA Mod 1 Mount and complete Scout Style Light using a Surefire KE2-A 600 Lumen emitter. 600 Lumen KE2-A with Scout
  8. Hey folks. I've been considering an M4 for some time, and this forum was very helpful in making my decision. Over the next few months, my goal is to set it up for HD: I ordered a Carrier Comp Ti Tube and follower (should get it in two months) Got the FFT hand guards Considering an AVA mount with a SF KE2-A light (I don't know much about lights so a complete solution is tempting) Would like to add a T2 (although FFT rails are sold out and I am not sure if Carrier Comp still makes their rail) Probably will keep the original fixed stock since the LOP doesn't seem too bad
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