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  1. I tried the trijicon RX34A last night in woods at the beginning my shotgun light was at 1000 lumens at close range such as 20 meters on light color targets didn't see the dot but after 20 meters I can see it , then I switched the light to 400 lumens only and the spot is clear , it's not as bright as during day but it will do and you can shoot easily, its better to view targets and shoot faster using it than using the Aimpoint comp 4
  2. Found trijicon RX34 reflex , how is it ?
  3. The only options in my country are either Aimpoint or Eotech those are available and by chance , it's not allowed to order anything for guns in my country so I have to be satisfied with what I found
  4. I decided to put red dot on my M4 and take the aimpoint Which I have on M4 and mount it on M2 so I was trying tasco red dot on my M4 and after shooting 5 shells the nob went out completely broken ..... plus I noticed the red dot dose not dim so I guess it's Chinese tasco, now I have to buy another red dot for the M4 I have 2 choices first the aimpoint same as I have on M2 which is the comp M4 Second eotech I don't know which model but I guess the one which takes 2 123 batteries So what do you suggest guys Eotech or Aimpoint???
  5. Thanks , buckshots I shoot maximum 40 meters only
  6. I meant another way than shooting so at least it ll be close to adjust when on field. StrangerDanger what is the best distance to calibrate both laser sight (sunfire) and aimpoint (M4) red dot , I usually shoot at 50 meters and up when hunting so shall I calibrate both at 50 meters or 75 ???
  7. Any idea how to zero laser sight on the M4 before going hunting ?
  8. Yes that's why I returned it and took 00 buckshots instead of it , I don't need headache
  9. I bought Tac Star side saddle for my M4 today but when am back home I saw a video on YouTube a guy saying after mounting it his M4 started to stuck when ejecting the shells !!!! Any ideas? Any one using Tac Star side saddle ? Never mind I ll take it back and swap it for some 00 buckshots , I won't be needing it
  10. I store my M4 and M2 action closed , I prefer the spring to be relaxed , that's me I don't know about others.
  11. Is there something to stop the spring in tube to pop up if I remove the spring retainer? Done it 😀 I removed a small piece under retainer and placed the retainer back and now it takes 7 shells in tube
  12. I have tried all kinds of 2 3/4 shells some like federal tactical slugs just needs 1 mm to take 7 shells , I saw a retainer on top of the spring shall I remove it ? And if I remove it will it give more space in tube plus will the spring pop out if I remove the retainer ?
  13. Hi all I read on net that all m4 with extensions ( original second piece extension) takes 7 in tube but mine only takes 6 and one quarter of the seventh stays out won't fit !!!! Of course all 2 3/4 inch shells and all the smallest size shells , why is that ???
  14. Thanks for your feed back anyway tomorrow am going wild boars hunting I ll try the m4 for the first time and I ll shoot slugs as u advised
  15. Thanks a lot i guess we both have fixed modified But why at benelli they told me I ll ruin the barrel if I shoot slugs ?
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