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  1. Up for sale is a new factory benelli m4 collapsible stock, in factory box as well. Price: $150 shipped. Stock has been SOLD I also have two factory take off benelli 5 rd magazine tubes with springs, excellent condition price: $45 each shipped. PayPal only. F&F or regular but you cover the fees. Pics in link below https://imgur.com/a/kYM6IbL https://imgur.com/a/a9YoxLM
  2. Up for sale is a benelli m4 922r trigger group that is NP3+ coated. I bought it from benelliparts.net. Never used, installed or anything. Bought it for $199 plus shipping. I’m selling it for $140 shipped. Comes with the trigger, hammer, and disconnector. I take PayPal. Please pm me if you’re interested. Pics are in the link below sold https://imgur.com/a/9n6qT
  3. The chokes I am not familiar. I thought it was just for hunting or something. I checked the choke and it was full of oil. Maybe from the factory since it was my first time shooting it. I cleaned and applied anti seize to it. Tighten with oem tool. But I’m going to buy that tool anyways from brownells. Also so I don’t shoot any exotic loads. Just buck and slug from your local gun shop. Habks for the info
  4. ive had shotguns but I am very unfamiliar with Chokes. Never looked into them or researched etc. I took out the modified choke and it was full of oil, possibly from factory. I’ll apply some anti seize. And with shooting, I don’t do exotic loads or anything. Just your standard buck shot or slugs from the store.
  5. First benelli yes. And it’s my second semi auto, i have a VEPR 12. But we’ve had mossbergs and other brands as well
  6. ill just make it a habit I guess to check. I won’t use any loctite or any of the sort
  7. I tighten it down with the supplied tool. Guess I’ll make it a habit. What about loctite? And mil spec barrel? The benelli m4s don’t have one from factory?.
  8. Shot mine and my dads benelli m4 yesterday. About 100 rounds from each. After coming home and ready to clean I noticed I can easily thread off the insert inside the barrel. Or choke, whatever it is I don’t really know to be honest. is that is normal?
  9. i have a ben m4 and my dad just got one as well. He wants to upgrade to the OEM tube. On mine I put the oem tube and the oem longer spring. The spring that came with the 5rd tube measured 28”.. the new longer oem measured 33”. After leaving it in the tube for a while I took it out and checked it and it measured 31”. On my dads imma leave the spring it came with and install the 7rd tube. I’ll test them both out. It would suck to have reliability issues on a expensive shotgun with oem parts
  10. I apologize in advance if I’m beating a dead horse here. Just bought a Benelli M4 recently and bought the OEM 7rd tube. Question is, do I re use the spring it came with. Or do I buy a longer spring. I saw that benelli parts has the longer oem spring. Or is it the same spring? I’m sorta confused and just want the m4 to run reliably. I only want to use the OEM for the mag and spring. Any input will be appreciated.
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