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  1. Thanks for the swift reply! My first question seems real dumb at this point, but this makes sense now. Does the rear of the receiver wear excessively where the bolt carrier impacts it? Reason I ask is I have an m4 recoil tube and collapsible stock and I figured I would throw it onto my new M1. Just trying to figure out if I should modify my M1 recoil tube plunger to bottom out in the m4 recoil tube (just like it would in the m1 recoil tube).....or if I should just use the short m4 plunger and let the bolt carrier contact the rear of the receiver. I’m just afraid if the m1 receiver w
  2. Hey y’all, I’m new to the forum and wondering if I could get some insight into some questions I’ve been pondering over a project. I’ve recently acquired an M1 sporting special and noticed it has the same 2 circular opening at the front of the receiver that the M4 has. The m4 needs those openings for the gas pistons to cycle the bolt, but why on earth would an M1 need those openings? The second question I was wondering is what stops the bolt in an m4 during its rearward movement? In my M1 I’ve found that the plunger in the recoil tube “bottoms out” on the recoil tube cap nut which st
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