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  1. How well can you acquire the sites in its mid-length setting? I appreciate the feedback; after reading the responses on the Forum I think people are indirectly telling me to put an optic on my Benelli. LOL.
  2. That sounds like it would be a problem for me. I am 5"9 and the standard LOP points nice but I am maxed out. Also, I dont feel I have absolute control. Back up plan called Mesa is in place.
  3. My issue is my LOP is maxed out on the standard pistol grip stock. There is no one in my area that carries an M4 with a collapsible stock so I am at the mercy of public opinion. Based on what I hear from this forum, if it comes down to a collapsible stock not fitting my needs then I will just buy what's available knowing that I'm going to change several items on the firearm anyway.
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to this form. Is there anyone here that can give me some insight on the Benelli M4 collapsible stock and its mid-length setting as far as being able to easily acquire the ghost ring sights, or not. I have not found much about this but what I have seen was there are postings elsewhere that suggests that the collapsible stock was meant only to be operated at full length for the ghost ring sights and when you do put it on the mid-length setting it raises the sight picture above the GR therefore, only making it good for an optic.
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