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  1. I called Benelli this morning and they will take care of the problem. 1) No matter what year the gun was made, The type of problem is covered by the warranty 2) If I ship it out through Benelli's dealer, it's free to charge. And that includes Dick's sports good and a local gun shop. 3) I also asked about the issue I had with light loads. The rep said: "1-1/8oz, and 3 dram of powder". I guess that confirms the gun's limitation.
  2. I will give them a try. Do you think Benelli will take care a gun that warranty has expired for decades?
  3. After today's shooting. I came home and cleaned my M1 super 90. The ring on the barrel that holds the magazine tube together just fell off. Did this ever happen to others? What should I do?
  4. iviax

    M1 super 90 problems

    I want to report back to your guys about my range trip yesterday. 1)I put the original forend back to the gun and the weight difference is about 8 oz(see the photos) 2)The problem remains with the Federal flite control 1145fps ammo. And I do not have federal flite control 1350fps to test it out but fortunately I haa a very cheap box of Suprema 12ga 00 buckshot which happens to be 1350fps. The whole box went cycle through without any problem and my shoulder could certainly feel the recoil was different between those two ammo. That's somehow disappointing but I might face the three choices. a. get rid of the gun b. always use 1350fps ammo 3. change recoil spring or the whole recoil system.
  5. iviax

    M1 super 90 problems

    Thanks guys! I read all your comments. I want to put the original forensic back on and see it changes anything. Need to go to the range before I report back. That sure cycle system seems a good solution, just the installation seems a hassle if I don’t have the tools.
  6. iviax

    M1 super 90 problems

    ARe you saying the surefire forend will prevent the shotgun from cycling light loads?
  7. iviax

    M1 super 90 problems

    It is 1145 fps. is there a permanent way to fix this gun instead of choosing ammo? This is not what I expected.
  8. My pre 1994 M1 super 90 is acting up lately. Before I was using some cheap 00 buckshot, which all fired okay. Now I switched to the Federal flitecontrol 00 buckshot. And it start to have fail to eject and fail to feed problems. I did some research online, and people were saying the shotgun shells are too light, it should weight 1.25 oz. But this federal fitecontrol buckshot is indeed 1.25 oz shell. From one of the photos I attached you can see the bolt didn't even go back far enough to load a round. I did disassemble the gun and oil everything before the range trip. Did I do anything wrong when I put it back?
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