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  1. New member with questions so please bear with me. Excellent forum with many good questions and answers. I am looking at the M4 for a HD choice, but my wife and I are also interested in learning to shoot trap at our local club. I prefer to stay "loyal to the brand", having purchased Ruger firearms to date for target shooting. After looking through this and other forums, reading and watching many reviews, and asking questions, I am leaning towards a Mossberg Silver Reserve II 12/20 Over/Under as an entry level trap choice. With that firearm, we both could use the same shotgun just by changing the barrel as needed. My question is why is there not a lot of love for the Benelli lines for trap? Given the outstanding quality of the product, one would "assume" the reputation would carry over to all of the product lines that Benelli produces. Unfortunately, the folks who seem to swear by the Benelli for trap are few and far between. Thank you ahead of time for the answers. Took the time to pull on my "big boy" britches this morning so all types of answers are most welcome. Enjoy your weekend.
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