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  1. SB1911

    M1 Super 90

    Thank you for all the help. I will not worry about the spring for now since it’s running great. If anything happens in the future I now know the process. This thing is very sctratched up on the receiver but is a great shooter.
  2. SB1911

    M1 Super 90

    Sorry. I am referring to the tube and spring located at the rear of the shotgun when the buttstock is removed.
  3. SB1911

    M1 Super 90

    Thank you for the explanation. Any suggestion on the proper tool to use on the removal in order to avoid damaging the tube?
  4. SB1911

    M1 Super 90

    I purchased a new to me M1 Super 90. It is marked Heckler & Koch. I took it out to the range and it ran great. I cycled bird shot, buck shot, and slugs flawlessly. I brought it home and cleaned it, and upon further inspection I found that the recoil spring tube does not have a nut on it like others have described in my researched. How do I remove the recoil spring? Is this something I should not attempt? I am not overly concerned about this right now but I know that in the future I will need to replace the spring. Any information on this or overall feedback on the shotgun is welcome. I really enjoyed this shooting this shotgun even though it was only about 70 rounds.
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