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  1. Had the same problem with my SBEII, two weeks ago while shooting my 5 Stand Clays league. Mine issue occurred when I had a round go off that sounded really funny and made other guys on the team even turn their heads and look out me. I then experienced failure to feed, bolt would not lock back and carrier was in the “up” position even after the Cartridge Drop Lever was depressed. Finished out the clays round by switching back and forth my cousins Inertia Driven Franchi. I immediately noticed a felt recoil difference, as my SBE seemed “mushy” compared to his. Got home and tire my SBE down, and found the recoil spring failed. Replaced it with a spare stainless spring I had. Same problem of bolt not locking back (out of battery and CDL depressed. The Breech Bolt Latch lever looked only slightly worn after 5K+ rounds of lead thrown down range, but ordered replacement fron Midwest Gun Works (only $16.17 +S&H). Torn trigger assembly apart and replaced BBL lever, and correctly reassembled and correctly reinstalled trigger assy. In lower receiver. Same problem. In mean time, I borrowed my brothers matching SBE II. Immediately noticed difference in felt recoil of brothers matching SBE II from mine. Got home and removed his and my trigger assemblies for comparison. I noticed his carrier was sitting in lower position than mine. Got out an old medical microscope magnifying glass as I’m old w/bad eyes. I found my carrier was being held up slightly, but still noticeable enough by an tiny extra part in my trigger assembly that did not show up on multiple Benelli factory schematics I viewed. It was a tiny two pronged shaped part in the molded trigger housing and under the carrier just in front of, and in between, where the carrier pivots on its Carrier Pin. I again disassembled the trigger assembly and inspected the “extra” part under the magnifying glass, as it was still in the housing. It was not a part broken off from somewhere else, and definitely not listed on any of the schematics, nor was it a part in my brothers trigger assembly. The part seemed like it was only wedge fit into trigger housing, but not tight, and appeared like shim. As was not on schematic, removed “shim” and reassembled trigger assembly. Compared to my brothers assembly. And they both appeared to be the same, with carriers now sitting in same positions. Reinstalled trigger assembly into lower, and my SBE now functions correctly. My guess is that the “extra” part was something used in the manufacturing process of molding the trigger guard and mistakenly not removed or stuck in the housing after manufacturing, as it definitely is NOT listed on ANY schematics, although it looked like it was supposed to be there.. I did take a photo of the part, but unfortunately can’t figure out how to attach to this posting. I also kept the extra part. Benelli may not agree with me, but I am positive the extra part caused the issue, as my SBE now operates correctly again, and my felt recoil is the same as my brothers identical SBE and my cousins Franchi. Extra part/piece removed, and now functions/operates like new....
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