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  1. Out here in the southwest, our jingle is "ribeye of the sky", they do taste like a fine cut of ribeye steak. The breast meat shown was cooked sous vide and then seared on each side in a buttered, very hot cast iron pan. I will investigate the Carlson website for chokes. Thanks for the hyperlink. The Primos Jelly Head are another choke I will look at.
  2. Got bit by the Sandhill Crane hunt bug out here in the southwest. The variety of bird we see is the Lesser Sandhill Crane which sports a wingspan of 4 ft. Been looking at getting an extended turkey choke for my SBE 2 that will work with plated steel shot. Most of the guys that hunt these "pterodactyls" are using 3" shells with #2 shot. Shells with lead in #2 are very hard to locate. So I am looking for anyone that has recommendations for a turkey/super turkey choke that is compatible with steel.
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