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  1. They did not have the 270/300 shortmag.I have 3.Came new with one..Bought a spare because we used to make a lot of drives. Discovered I think last year the short mag.R1 was discontinued.Got ahold of one last fall,new.Now it's going to be constant searching here and there.I purchased a Benelli Montefeltro back in I think the late 80's when they were still imported into the US by H&K.I would not buy another Benelli after the bind they put a lot of people in over not having even mags available.
  2. Interesting.I will look into that.I have been searching all avenues to get one more mag.I knew when I ordered one last fall that I should have gotten 2 right away.
  3. I.m curious,any one out there having like a major problem acquiring magazines for their 270 or 300 wsm.R1's?
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