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  1. Steve, Thank you... I was looking for a solution, and you provided one. I appreciate your time, help and effort in getting back to me. - Stew
  2. Are the spacers standard for both guns? I saw spacers listed for purchase without any specification for gauge of gun.
  3. Thanks for all your help and quick responses! I had the opportunity to shoot with someone who had the M2 12 gauge, and we compared forends ( luckily I brought just my foreand). I saw how the O-Rings were installed. I had the dealer report this issue to the Benelli distributor, and in the meanwhile, I ordered a set of rings from Freedom fighter. As a side note: It appeared to both of us that the forends were identical (minus my missing parts). Is this possible? Are the forends the same for both the 12 & 20 gauge synthetic shotguns (both with 28” barrel)?
  4. I took a picture of the front of the forearm as it was enclosed. Visible is the space where (I believe) the O-Rings should have been located. I've rechecked all packaging materials, and cannot find any O-Rings. I’m starting to wonder about my purchase of this gun, and quality of workmanship if this small, yet necessary part was omitted.
  5. Steve & tekguy, Thanks for the quick responses... The barrels are seated as they should be. I took the gun to my range and fired several rounds of doubles. I was amazed at the speed in which the gun cycled it’s loads! There were NO O-Rings nor spacers that came with the gun. There were no instructions in the manual mentioning any either. Until I receive a response from Benelli, this is my only solution:
  6. Okay, I just purchased a new M2 left handed 20 gauge. Assembly seemed to go well and was easy to follow. After tightening the forearm cap as far as humanly possible, I picked up the gun by the forearm and it moved forward approximately 1/8”. The only solution I could come up with was to install a rubber O-Ring made for water hoses over the threads for the cap after the barrel assembly was complete. This seemed to stop the forearm from sliding forward. I’m wondering if the forearm is 1/8” short, or if an O-Ring from the factory is missing. please advise...
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