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  1. About a month ago, on a wild guess, I emailed Mr. Henderson to see if he could sell me some parts. He did, and was very helpful. Seems like a nice guy, and willing to go the extra mile to customer satisfaction. Speaks volumes about Cardinal Shooting Center. But..... Disappointed in Benelli for leaving their customers high and dry without any means for repair / replacement parts in the USA. Anyhow, I have the parts I needed to get my .32 wadcutter back up and running. From this point forward, I plan to keep spare parts on hand so I don't have to go through this again.
  2. I sure hope someone from Benelli reads this, as this is poor customer service. Benelli Italy replies once to 3 inquires, in Italian, and it doesn't even come close to answering me. Benelli USA "doesn't do pistols, long guns only" or "can't import parts" how can you import long gun parts then? Stoeger in Canada says "we sold a few pistols, but stopped, and couldn't ship you parts in the USA anyhow". Beretta sent me back to Benelli USA. Called Benelli USA, nope, sorry. Poor customer service. Anyone want to buy a pair of Benelli MP95 pistols? .22LR and .32 wadcutter. Fired only a few times and ne
  3. Benelli Italy replied, in Italian. Translation via my computer didn't really make much sense, but it appeared they would get back with me. That was two weeks ago. So I'm still looking for a parts supplier with a all parts for Benelli MP90 / MP95 pistols.
  4. No, I didn't know it. Thank you for the help.
  5. Stati Uniti is the United States? Thank you! I was able to send them a message now. Hopefully they can direct me to someone.
  6. Is there a business in USA / or North America / even world wide, that will sell repair parts for the Benelli targets pistols? My .32 is in need of a recoil spring guide rod and spring, my .22 is in need of a recoil spring. As it is now, I have two very expensive bookends, because that's all they will do. Benelli USA basically told me no, they only do long guns. Larry's Guns is no more with the passing of Larry. Benelli Canada said no. HELP!
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