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  1. Yea problem is i don't really want to keep spending 50-100 a box to shoot 3 bullets and toss the box lol.. IDK what to do buy a bolt probably lol.
  2. I don't think this is the case but could the difference in recoil between the 150's and 180's be the cause ?
  3. Hey Benelli fans! Long time sbe 2 shooter when I was 16 (14 years ago) I got an sbe 2 and an R1 in .300 win for moose. Over the years I have purchased many other bolt actions and become fairly proficient with rifles (usually no issue shooting moa at 100 yards off a bag). That brings me to my R1, I have booked an elk hunt in BC this fall and my R1 HATES 180 grain bullets I’ve tried cheap blue box, Nosler partition, Barnes, accubonds and I can’t get this thing to group better then 4” at 100 yards, I put 150’s in it and I’m back to 1-1.5” groups. Anyone else experience this with the R1 .300 mag? I can’t figure it out and don’t want to keep spending tons of money on boxes of 20 bullets to shoot 3 in a 4-5” group. I guess shooting 150’s isn’t the end of the world but I would prefer 180’s.
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