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  1. Thank all of you for your replies and correct advice. I had no idea about the varying .12 gauge shells lengths and I just needed to load the correct shells. thanks again. Richard
  2. Thank you so much for your advice, you , and the sites that were linked, totally resolved my problem. Who knew that 2/34" was just a designation and not actual. As for the " longer" 2 3/4" shells and the alleged 3" shells, do I just load 4+1 and declare victory or are further adjustments recommended?
  3. I just bought a new Benelli M1014 , assembled it as per manual, lubricated it fully, engaged the safety. cocked the weapon, inverted it to load.......BUT, it takes only four 2 3/4" shells with the 5th going in the tube but won't lock. what am I doing wrong? the last shell is inserted in the barrel as instructed, hence 4+1. thanks for your help WRS
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