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  1. Correct, my original thought was something was stopping it in the butt spring area. Tore the gun apart to make sure and let the carrier link hanging down for picture purposes.
  2. Not sure on this, I can't get the bolt handle out (even with pliers) It does not appear this is the issue.
  3. after market bolt handle, forcing combs lengthened, chokes, trigger shoe and cerakote Correct, the bolt will not move to the rear position.
  4. Cosmetics on the exterior, forcing combs lengthened, chokes, trigger work. correct, the bolt will not move to the rear position. Goes about half way and stops...hard, like something is obstructing it. Checks the rails and they are clear.
  5. Recently purchased a used M1 and had it tricked out a bit. Upon reassembling the gun, the bolt will not retract all the way. Completely tore the gun apart to check for obstructions and can’t figure out what is short stopping the bolt from going back and leaving the chamber open in the locked position. Would appreciate any insight.
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