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  1. Thanks guys I decided to got with the Rm07 type 2 with the 6.5 moa ordered in today cry once they said... With the Scalarworks sync all the puzzles are getting in place slowly
  2. Hey folks Im shopping for my Trijicon Rmr for my Benelli M4 witch one do you recommend? Dot or triangle? Gen 1 or 2 ? Moa how manny cheers Don
  3. Thanks strangerdanger for your advice
  4. Thanks I was talking about the follower from gg&g?
  5. Thanks a lot Stangerdanger very helpful any advice on the follower I got my eye on the gg&g one is this a good choice cheers
  6. Hi guys, new member here and Im a enthusiastic Benelli M4 owner and I’m looking for some advice and review got some question for my build 1) any review or comment on the B&T quadrail or should I stay with my oem handguard and get them stippling with a match saverzs 2) S&J Benelli jumbo safety good to go or should I get a taran tactical one Thanks
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