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  1. Donrozon

    Surefire m80

    Here my mint bulk find
  2. Donrozon

    Surefire m80

    Thanks I saw some on ebay going crazy 500$ range
  3. Donrozon

    Surefire m80

    Hi folks wondering how much goes a surefire m80 with box and manual these day ? cheers
  4. Thanks a lot Sigma05 I will post some tonight
  5. Thanks a lot Jolly Roger and thanks for the advice
  6. Thanks unfortunately they do not ship to Canada I have to wait till brownells got it in stock I will give a try to my Nordic clamp picatinny and change if I don’t love
  7. Thanks StrangerDanger It’s was not my first choice I was looking for a AVA seems out of stock everywhere
  8. Hi Benelli lover Here my benelli m4 project really love how it’s look really stocked just recently received after a long wait Lots of love in this project Big thanks to Casey at Tactical Ordonance for the awesome work lets the pics talk still missing my sling ,follower ,light
  9. Thanks for the advice but I found really sexy those trijicon Rmr
  10. Hey price for the flute bolt with TiAIN coating is 150$Cdn it’s a shop in Canada called tactical ordonnance who’s is specialized on mod for the Benelli M4 and other shotgun ... I will Give you more info when I receive mine and start a tread on my build cheers
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